Making Room In Your Estate Plan For Your Pet


A complete estate plan is a good estate plan and taking your life into account when you create your own is a key ingredient to consider. The people and things you hold dear are at the center of a comprehensive estate plan, so it's vital that you carefully consider what you want your lasting heritage to be. Many people place their beloved pets on the same level as their family members and friends, so it's no surprise that those making their plans want to include them.

28 August 2018

What Home Buyers Should Never Do Before Or At A Real Estate Closing


The real estate closing is typically a very happy day for both the buyer and seller. It's the final step in the real estate transaction, and both parties typically have a vested interest in ensuring that it goes well. It's a good idea for both the buyer and seller to consult with a home closing attorney, such as Adamek J David, about the process. Also, as the homebuyer, keep in mind that you should never make the following faux pas at the home closing.

28 June 2017

Named Executor Of An Estate? Two Reasons Why You Need A Probate Attorney


If you've been named the executor of an estate, you have quite a job in front of you.  You've been tasked with the responsibility of making sure that the last will and testimony of a deceased individual is carried out just the way they wished.  Although this seems very cut-and-dried, there may be quite a few moving parts that you will need some help with.  That's why it's such a good idea for you to hire a probate attorney.

13 April 2017

Is It Possible To Get An Eviction Removed From Your Record?


People are evicted from their rental homes for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, having one or more evictions on your credit record can make it difficult to qualify for future rentals. However, it may be possible to get these negative entries removed from your record. Here are three ways you can accomplish this task. Make Amends to the Landlord The landlord is the one who reported the listing to the credit bureau, so he or she is the one you'll need to appease to have it removed.

10 March 2017

How to Protect Your Will With a No-Contest Clause


You can't please everyone all the time, especially when it comes to a last will and testament that leaves behind valuable property. If a beneficiary isn't satisfied with their inheritance, they may seek to get their "fair share" by contesting the will's provisions in court. A no-contest clause can prevent this from happening, thus preserving your exact wishes. The following explains how no-contest clauses work and the pros and cons of adding one to your will.

19 April 2016

Nasty Surprises In A Newly Purchased Home: Can And Should You Sue The Previous Owner Of Your House?


If you recently (or not-so-recently) purchased a house in good faith that you knew about all of the problems that came with the property, only to be faced with a mountain of problems you did not know about before, you could have grounds for lawsuit in order to pay for some of the costs of repairs. However, before you decide to go to court, you first need to decide who is actually at fault and if you really do have case against those who were involved with the sale of your new home.

24 June 2015